Chef Matt Grush has been a long time Asheville resident. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He came to Asheville at a young age and has been here (20+ years) ever since.Inspired to start cooking at a young age, by his late Step-Father Jim, Grush discovered his love for the culinary arts and the thrill of composing and executing bold flavors and interesting combinations. Pushing flavor profiles and boundaries, he leans into his creative side and tries to highlight classic dishes, yet spin a new-age more modernistic style to them. Focusing on fresh, locally sourced products, and having good relationships with his farmers has always been a key ingredient in every plate he serves.

Throughout the years a love for Competitive Cooking Competitions arose, and Chef Grush has competed and placed in over 14 events both local, state, and national.

Winning multiple awards at events such as ‘Asheville Taco Takeover’, ‘Asheville Wing War’, ‘Asheville Battle of the Burger’, 5x ‘Asheville Mardi Gras Cajun Cook-off’, as well as the ‘PBR Pizza Challenge’ in both Asheville and Los Angeles, California.

While the Competitions help shape and mold Chef Matt into a whirlwind of a challenger and quick-thinker in the kitchen, it was the many years of training, being mentored, and soaking up knowledge from some of the best Chefs in the Asheville and surrounding areas that Grush gives all his culinary credit to.

After the Covid-19 pandemic wrecked the restaurant industry in 2020, he decided it’s time to undergo his own project, and mold a kitchen in the style of cooking he not only loves to eat the most, but also something unique to Asheville, both in its menu and execution of service.

Grush‘s Cajun Dino Grill is a concept stemming from his experiences doing Pop-Ups, and festivals/catering, as well as traveling grills and kitchens. Full mobile kitchens delivered, built, and broken down on-site. Being indoors is nice and all, but to Grush nothing beats cooking outside over open flames, for your friends.

With this concept, Chef hopes to share with you a fresh take on his passion for Southern Louisiana Cuisine, while adding his own unique flair to his dishes.

Panda Cloyd, originally from Illinois has been in Asheville for over 20 years and has both a Hospitality Degree and Bachelors in Art Education. Her experience includes organizing and managing special events, festivals and conferences, and training several restaurant front of the house positions. She is able to manage and facilitate within a classroom or in the dining experience. She is excellent in attention to details, highly organized and flexible in working within many types of high volume atmospheres. She has the natural front of the house ability to be personable and inviting to all guests and is able to maintain and manage that character even in the busiest of places.